Jeffco Board Docs (2024)

1. Jeffco Public Schools - BoardDocs

  • Our Goal: Every student will be taught by a highly skilled, caring staff in a high performing school led by strong leadership in order for every student to be ...

  • Jeffco Public Schools -

2. Jefferson County School Board - BoardDocs

  • Board of Education - Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Policies.

  • Board of Education - Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Policies

3. Board Meetings - Jeffco Public Schools

  • The Board of Education uses an online software management tool called BoardDocs to manage the creation and distribution of its agendas and minutes in electronic ...

  • Board Meetings - Jeffco Public Schools

4. Jeffco Board of Education | Jefferson County Education Association

5. Board of Education - Jeffco Public Schools

  • Board Meetings · Board Negotiations · Board & District Policies

  • Board of Education - Jeffco Public Schools

6. Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes | Jefferson College

  • EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 2015 - Jefferson College Board of Trustees meeting minutes are contained within the online governance management system BoardDocs.

  • - EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 2015 -Jefferson College Board of Trustees meeting minutes are contained within the online governance management system BoardDocs.

7. Board of Education | Jefferson County Public Schools -

  • Board Members · Gail Logan Strange, District 1; · Dr. Chris Kolb, District 2; · James Craig, District 3; · Joseph Marshall, District 4; · Linda Duncan, District 5;.

  • Gail Logan Strange, District 1;

8. Jefferson County Board of Education

  • A five-member elected Board of Education oversees the operations of the Jefferson County Schools system. Each Board member is elected to a four-year term in ...

  • Self-Assessment

9. Board of Education Meetings - Fox C-6 School District

  • Meeting agendas can be viewed on our BoardDocs page. Live streams of Board meetings are available on the District's YouTube channel. Executive session meetings, ...

  • The Fox C-6 Board of Education meetings are held in the Roy Wilde Conference Center in the Fox C-6 Service Center. Meetings begin at 7:00 pm unless otherwise specified.  Meetings are open to the public and district residents are encouraged to attend. Meeting agendas can be viewed on our BoardDocs page. Live streams of Board meetings are available on the District's YouTube channel.  Executive session meetings, which are closed to the public in accordance with Missouri Sunshine Law, are scheduled as required and held only for certain student, personnel, property, and legal matters.  *Visit  Fox C-6 BoardDocs for the latest meeting dates, times, and locations. 

10. BoardDocs | Weld County RE-5J School District, Colorado

  • BoardDocs. Board Docs. Meeting Agendas & Minutes. To access BoardDocs to review Board agendas, minutes, Board policy and procedure information, please click ...

  • To access BoardDocs to review Board agendas, minutes, Board policy and procedure information, please click here.

11. Board of Trustees 2023 Meeting Dates | Jefferson College

  • All agenda items and supporting materials are posted online via the Board Docs site accessible through the Jefferson College website homepage at ...

  • The Jefferson College Board of Trustees regularly meets in public session on the second Thursday of each month in the Administration Building Board Room on the Hillsboro campus. Trustees include Steve Meinberg, President; Krystal Hargis, Vice President; Ron Scaggs; Gary Davis; Margie Passmore; and Retta "Susan" Tuggle.Those who wish to present information or address the Board are required to be present at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the meeting, complete a sign-in log, and submit 10 copies of appropriate documentation (if applicable).

12. Board of Education / Home - Fox C-6 School District

  • Board Docs · Board Members · Board of Education Candidate Filing · Board of ... 2018 Board Meeting Audio Recordings. Visit Us. 745 Jeffco BLVD. Arnold, MO 63010.

  • 

13. Board of Education - Jefferson R-VII School District

  • The Jefferson County R-VII School District Board of Education consists of seven members. The Board elects the Board of Education President. Board members ...

  • The Jefferson County R-VII School District Board of Education consists of seven members.  The Board elects the Board of Education President.Board members are elected to three-year terms.  They are responsible for setting educational policy, employment, tax rates, and district budgets for the Jefferson R-VII School District.Board Approved Meeting Dates - HereBoard Approved Meeting Agendas - Here

Jeffco Board Docs (2024)


How does board docs work? ›

With BoardDocs, the document publisher can manage and distribute information not associated with a meeting. Examples include a weekly update or news items to be released to the public. Selected library items can be added to the packet and designated for viewing by role, administration, the board and/or the public.

Who is the superintendent of Jeffco? ›

Superintendent Tracy Dorland has served as a committed public educator for more than 22 years. She began her career as an elementary classroom teacher and has served as a reading interventionist, instructional coach and principal.

How many schools does Jeffco have? ›

Number of schools

Jeffco has 155 schools and many programs on 168 campuses. Use the School Finder tool to identify your neighborhood school and learn about other schools and programs.

Who is the COO of Jeffco public schools? ›

Steve Bell - Chief Operating Oficer - Jefferson County Schools | LinkedIn.

How do I add an agenda item to board docs? ›

To submit agenda items, do the following:

1. Open the MEETINGS tab menu and choose My Agenda Items. 2. Click on the three-lined icon shown below and choose New Agenda Item.

What information does the board of directors need? ›

In particular, directors must understand the company's business drivers, operating environment and major risk factors, if the board is to fulfil its role successfully. In doing so, the directors rely on the CEO and senior managers to provide them with appropriate information about the company and what it is doing.

Who is the deputy superintendent of Jeffco? ›

In the latest episode of the #ElevateEducationPodcast, host Jason Firestone and Jeffco's Deputy Superintendent, Dr. Kym LeBlanc Esparza address this critical time in education to encourage students back into schools amidst #ChronicAbsenteeism.

Who is the principal of Jeffco open school? ›

Melyssa Dominguez, Principal

I have long felt that the educational conversations I am most passionate about are happening at the Open School.

Who is the current Jefferson County Sheriff in Colorado? ›

Reggie Marinelli was born and raised in Louisville, CO, where generations of her family landed after her grandfather immigrated to America from Italy and became a coal miner.

What is the oldest high school in Jefferson County Colorado? ›

October 1873

Now called Golden High School, Colorado's oldest continuing high school, with just under 1300 students enrolled for the 2016 to 2017 academic year. Jefferson County is the first county in Colorado to adopt a graded school system, separating students by age.

Is Jeffco a d1 school? ›

Jefferson College is a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), NJCAA Region XVI and the Midwest Community College Athletic Conference (MCCAC) and is widely recognized as one of the premier NJCAA Division I colleges in the nation!

What high school is the biggest in Colorado? ›

Largest High Schools in Colorado
  • GOAL High School. District 49, CO· ...
  • Cherry Creek High School. Cherry Creek School District, CO· ...
  • Eaglecrest High School. Cherry Creek School District, CO· ...
  • Add to List. Sponsored Private School. ...
  • Cherokee Trail High School. ...
  • Grandview High School. ...
  • Colorado Preparatory Academy. ...
  • East High School.

Who is the head of security at Jeffco schools? ›

Jeff Pierson - Director of Safe School Environments - Jeffco Public Schools - Colorado | LinkedIn.

Who is the director of Jeffco open space? ›

Tom Hoby, Director

Mr. Hoby was appointed as Director of the Parks and Open Space Division in March of 2010. As Director, Mr. Hoby works closely with the Board of County Commissioners, County Manager and Open Space Advisory Committee.

How many public high schools are in Jefferson County Colorado? ›

Jefferson County School District No. R-1 contains 36 high schools. For personalized and effective admissions consulting,consider Get one-on-one advising on your essays, application strategy, and extracurricular profile to help you gain acceptance to your dream colleges.

How do board members work? ›

Board members act as trustees of the organization's assets and must exercise due diligence and oversight to ensure that the organization is well-managed and that its financial situation remains sound. Here is an outline of how board members can fulfill their role as fiduciaries.

How do board meetings work? ›

The chair should invite discussion and facilitate debate, drawing out a full range of opinions. If the discussion is lengthy, the chair may limit the discussion for a certain period. At the end of the discussion, the board may agree to vote, amend, table, postpone or move it to a committee for consideration.

How is a board of directors determined? ›

A public company's board of directors is chosen by shareholders, and its primary job is to look out for shareholders' interests.

How does diligent boards work? ›

Diligent Boards is a content management solution for creating, distributing and collaborating on board meeting materials. Designed for small and large businesses, Diligent Boards aids in creating digital materials to support any organization with a board.

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