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  • is free online chat platform and chat website.

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Chatbutter (2024)


How do I get detailed answers from ChatGPT? ›

Have a clear idea of the question and the expected result as an answer. Make the question specific and use conversational language. Provide any necessary context and avoid ambiguous or open-ended questions. Talk to ChatGPT as if in conversation and engage in conversation as if talking to another person.

How to trick ChatGPT to answer any question? ›

DAN stands for "Do Anything Now", and is a prompt that can direct ChatGPT beyond their restrictions and answer any queries. For instance, whenever you ask a question, you can tell ChatGPT to generate two types of responses—one how the AI model would usually reply, and the other response as the DAN model.

Is ChatGPT good at answering questions? ›

As an AI language model, ChatGPT can sometimes provide incorrect or inaccurate answers. The frequency of incorrect answers can vary depending on the specific question, the available training data, and the complexity of the topic.

How to use ChatGPT to get answers? ›

The steps to use OpenAI's ChatGPT from your mobile browser are the same as on a PC: Go to and start typing. The AI chatbot should work just as when you access it from your computer.

How to write ChatGPT prompts to get the best results? ›

Here are six strategies to try.
  1. Set custom instructions. ...
  2. Ask ChatGPT to generate prompts. ...
  3. Create your own prompt library. ...
  4. Ask ChatGPT to generate summaries of long conversations. ...
  5. Request outputs that represent multiple perspectives. ...
  6. Review and rate ChatGPT's responses.
Apr 5, 2024

How to use ChatGPT to get best results? ›

How do I get the most out of ChatGPT? A. To get the most out of ChatGPT, provide clear and specific instructions, break down complex queries, and use system-level instructions to guide the AI. Experiment with different prompts, iterate on the results, and refine your queries to improve the quality of responses.

Does ChatGPT always give the same answer to a question? ›

So in conclusion, while ChatGPT is consistent in its approach to understanding and responding to queries, the uniqueness of each query and the evolving nature of AI technology mean that it does not give the same answers to everyone.

How to make ChatGPT undetectable? ›

Crafting undetectable responses
  1. Avoid technical jargon. Avoiding overly specific or technical language is crucial, as it can tip off discerning readers or AI detection algorithms.
  2. Opt for a conversational tone. ...
  3. Mastering the craft. ...
  4. Understand human language. ...
  5. Tailor to context. ...
  6. Align with audience expectations.
Feb 21, 2024

What are some ChatGPT hacks? ›

Here are 25 ChatGPT hacks to improve productivity and overall work experience.
  • Master the art of prompts. ...
  • Create schedules automatically. ...
  • Automate repetitive tasks. ...
  • Use ChatGPT plugins. ...
  • Let AI be your mentor. ...
  • Translate between languages. ...
  • Elevate your presentations. ...
  • Write creative content.
Jan 4, 2024

How often does ChatGPT give wrong answers? ›

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A recent study from Purdue University found that ChatGPT, a popular AI app, presents wrong answers 52% of the time. The findings follow researchers asking the program questions from a popular computer programmer website. Incorrect answers were delivered to more than half the questions.

Which AI is better than ChatGPT? ›

The 15 Best ChatGPT Alternatives to Try in 2024
AI assistantBest for
ClaudeNuanced AI conversations
GitHub CopilotCoding assistance
CodeiumCode completion and generation
Cohere GenerateCustomizable AI models
11 more rows
May 13, 2024

Are the answers on ChatGPT accurate? ›

ChatGPT is not infallible; it can occasionally produce incorrect or misleading responses due to the vast amount of data it has learned from, which may contain inaccuracies or biases. However, OpenAI has implemented safety mechanisms and fine-tuning procedures to mitigate these issues and improve ChatGPT's accuracy.

How to get the best answer from ChatGPT? ›

To get the best response from ChatGPT, you need to be specific and unambiguous and make sure to give clear instructions. Because if there is a hint of vague language in your prompt, it can lead to multiple interpretations, making it difficult for the ChatGPT to provide you with a specific and accurate response.

What question can't ChatGPT answer? ›

ChatGPT can't answer questions about illegal drugs, despite knowing pretty much everything about them. It can't advise law enforcement, because the answers it gives will be objective, and removed from the moral, social, and ethical implications of their exaction.

Does ChatGPT repeat answers? ›

No, ChatGPT does not give the exact same answer and wording to everyone who asks the same question. While it may generate similar responses for identical or similar queries, it can also produce different responses based on the specific context, phrasing, and quality of input provided by each user.

How to get unique responses from ChatGPT? ›

For better ChatGPT responses, you must craft highly specific prompts tailored precisely to your industry, niche, and the unique content you plan to publish. Even with meticulously crafted ChatGPT prompts, it's essential to acknowledge the tool's inherent limitations.

How to query ChatGPT effectively? ›

Just use natural language as always, and ChatGPT will understand what you're getting at. Specify that you're providing examples at the start of your prompt, then tell the bot that you want a response with those examples in mind.

How to make ChatGPT give full code? ›

How to get ChatGPT to write code. To get ChatGPT to write code, you need to provide it with a clear and specific programming task as a prompt. Specify the programming language and any relevant details and let ChatGPT generate your code based on the prompt that you can then refine if needed.

How to get ChatGPT to answer anything 2024? ›

To activate DAN and step into the world of ChatGPT with no restrictions, you need to command ChatGPT to 'do anything now.'

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