The Erectile Dysfunction many times can cause a psychological problem and can affect relations with the partner. There is nothing to bother about this problem because effective solution is available by the use of just 1 tablet of Viagra just 1 hour before engaging in sexual activity.

Erectile Dysfunction has many facets. It can be due to insufficient blood supply to the penis during erection. Some persons fail to achieve erectness of penis, others are having erection, but is not strong enough to have sex, few have hard erection, but are not in a position to keep penis erect, but lose the erection just before sex or they are not in a position to maintain erectness long enough and feel shy to discuss their erection problem.

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Viagra in Action:

Viagra works as a PDE-5 inhibiting agent. It gets quickly absorbed and is present in blood circulation, where it inactivates PDE-5 enzymes which are responsible for controlling the blood flow in the penis. With the PDE-5 enzyme getting inactivated, there is relaxation of the arteries of penis maintaining blood flow to the penis in a normal manner. This results in the ability of male to attain firm erection on sexual and or mental stimulation. After engaging in intimate relation and sexual act completion, the blood leaves the penis, making it to come back in non erectile state.

Success in Treating Erectile Dysfunction:

Viagra has Sildenafil as the active ingredient, which causes relaxation of the muscles as well as increases the blood supply in the tissues of penis, which corrects all the problems related to erectness of penis and prolonging the duration of erectness during sexual activity. Viagra has been successfully used by ED affected persons through out the world with a success rate of 70%.

Critical Precautions:

The following precautions are to be observed while taking Viagra:

It is advised to take Viagra exactly as it has been prescribed for you. Do not take a higher dose or for longer period than advised by your doctor. From safety point of view follow the directions strictly.

Do not take more than 1 tablet in a day. There should be clear gap of 24 hours between each dose of 1 tablet of Viagra. If there is a prolonged erection lasting 4 hours or more it is a medical emergency and there is need of calling for help.

Use of Viagra is contraindicated in persons suffering from heart problems and are using Organic Nitrate salts like nitroglycerine, Sorbitrate etc. which can cause abnormally fall of blood pressure inducing heart attack, fainting. Stroke during sexual activity, Feeling dizzy, Nausea, pain in chest, numbness, tingling in chest, arm and jaw are indications of an emergency which should be properly attended by taking immediate medical help.

Use of Viagra can cause less blood flow to the optic nerve of the eye, resulting in abrupt vision impairment or loss of vision occurring in few persons suffering from heart ailment, diabetes, hypertension, higher cholesterol blood levels or if there is a existing eye problem or persons involved in smoking. Persons beyond the age of 50 have to take special precautions in respect to their health conditions.