Best Trailer Dolly (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022 (2024)

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BYAndra DelMonico, Daniel Rika/ LAST UPDATED ON June 4, 2021

Whether you have a cargo trailer, a tent trailer, or a utility trailer, you know the frustration of trying to hook it up to your car or truck, especially if you’re just looking to move the trailer around the yard or driveway. Enter the trailer dolly.

This cleverly designed piece of equipment can be a game changer and a time saver when it comes to moving a trailer a short distance. No need to try to reverse your vehicle, then pull forward and reposition it so you can re-reverse again and again until you get it just right.

If you’re in the market for a new trailer dolly, we’ve taken some of the guesswork out of the decision-making process by compiling a list of our favorite brands and models currently on the market. Our informative buying guide will help you know what to look for to ensure you’re getting a rugged and dependable trailer dolly that will suit your needs.

Best Overall

Tow Tuff Adjustable Trailer Dolly with Caster


This three-wheeled dolly is constructed from heavy-duty, powder-coated steel and features a wide and stable wheel base for easy maneuverability.


  • Trailer is fully height adjustable between 16.5 and 25.5 inches
  • Can accommodate trailer hitch couplers 1 ⅞ inches or larger
  • Backed by a one-year limited warranty


  • Maximum weight capacity of 800 pounds is not the toughest
  • Concerns over the tires going flat too easily

Best Value

MaxxHaul Trailer Dolly


This lower-capacity dolly can move up to 600 pounds on its 12-inch pneumatic tires. The frame is made of heavy-duty steel that has been powder-coated for durability.


  • Dolly is easy to assemble and is maintenance-free
  • Long handle and cushioned grip make it comfortable to use


  • There may be issues with quality control and defective parts.
  • It also may struggle to work effectively at max capacity

Honorable Mention

Ultra-Tow Dual-Pull Trailer Dolly


A cleverly designed, versatile, and straightforward trailer that’s constructed from strong steel and is capable of towing up to 600 pounds.


  • Design of this trailer makes it easy to push or pull trailers for precise and easy maneuverability
  • 43-inch handle gives you plenty of leverage
  • Large 12-inch tires work well on a variety of surfaces


  • Weight capacity of this trailer is much lighter than other models
  • Doesn’t have an adjustable height option

Benefits of Trailer Dollies

  • Protect your back. No matter what your age, moving heavy equipment can wreak havoc on your back and joints. If you use a dolly with a long handle, it will provide the leverage you require to move a trailer easily and efficiently, without causing injury.
  • Easily maneuver a trailer. It can be challenging to place a trailer exactly where you want it to go, particularly if the space is tight. A high-quality trailer dolly makes it easier for you to maneuver and properly position a trailer.
  • They're affordable. Dollies have simple designs, so they don't cost too much to manufacture. That means you can buy a well-built and reliable product without spending a lot of money. They also last for many years.
  • Save Time. Steering a compact and lightweight trailer dolly and hooking it up to your trailer is much less time consuming than having to try to hook the trailer up to your vehicle’s tow hitch. It can usually be done in a single attempt, versus having to reverse and then re-approach multiple times.

Types of Trailer Dollies

Hand Trailer Dolly

Hand dollies, like the ones in this review, typically require assembly. They come with a steel frame, wheels, handle, and hitch ball, which is used to attach to a trailer. These dollies usually support less weight than their electric dolly counterparts, so you need to be sure you don't exceed the recommended weight capacity. They are not very expensive and come in two-wheeled and three-wheeled variations, the latter of which is easier to operate.

Electric Trailer Dolly

An electric trailer dolly features a battery-powered motor that turns the wheels, so you don’t need to use your hands. You operate the dolly and move it forwards and backward by pressing controls on the handle. This type of dolly is easy to steer and maneuver and is best for heavy loads or people who want to avoid lifting heavy objects.

Top Brands

Tow Tuff

Tow Tuff produces a variety of tools and equipment related to automotive and trailer management. The U.S. and global manufacturer centers on high-quality industrial products, including this dolly for home use, the Tow Tuff Adjustable Trailer Dolly with Caster.

Trailer Tug Company

Based in Huntington Beach, Calif., Trailer Tug is relatively new to the dolly business, but its sole product is mighty. The Trailer Tug Trailer Mover for RV Boat Motorcycle Jetski has a tongue weight of up to 3,500 pounds.

Trailer Dolly Pricing

  • Under $100: It's possible to get a trailer dolly for a reasonable price. Products in this price range are typically easy to assemble and feature a long-lasting powder-coat finish. However, they don't carry as much weight as more expensive and more robust models.
  • Over $100: If you spend a little more money, you'll find dollies with more features. Products that cost over $100 usually have an adjustable ball height, which makes them more versatile. They are also more heavy-duty and are designed to resist wear and tear.

Key Features

Weight Capacity

The most important thing you need to consider before purchasing a dolly is how much weight you plan on moving around. It's always better to choose a device that can hold more weight than you require. If you plan on hauling a heavy load, consider using a motorized dolly, which is specifically designed for larger loads.


Trailers can be heavy, and moving them can be challenging. That's why having an adjustable trailer dolly can be helpful. For example, it's useful if you can adjust the hitch without pushing the handle all the way. Being able to adjust the dolly is also helpful on uneven ground as is the ability to reposition the dolly's ball.


The best trailer dollies are solidly built and robust so they last a long time. All-steel construction is best if you're looking for durability and reliability. Many trailer dollies feature a powder coating to resist rust and corrosion. However, this makes it susceptible to being scratched.

Other Considerations

  • Handle: The main purpose of the handle on a trailer dolly is leverage. The longer the handle, the more leverage you will get. This makes it easier for you to move the trailer. Also, look at the grip on the handle. Solid rubber grips make sure your hands stay tight on the device.
  • Balls, Wheels, and More: Different brands of trailer dollies have different features. For example, some come with flat-free tires or wheels that are inflatable. Some have a hitch ball size of 1 7/8-inches to work with a 1 7/8-inch coupler or larger, while others can only accommodate a 2-inch or larger coupler. These little details are important when it comes to compatibility.

Best Trailer Dolly Reviews & Recommendations 2021

When it comes to the best overall combination of design, durability, and price, our top pick has to be the Tow Tuff Adjustable Trailer Dolly with Caster. This rugged three-wheeled dolly has an 800-pound maximum capacity and is designed to help you easily maneuver your cargo or boat trailers without straining your spine. It features two 12-inch semi-pneumatic tires and one 8-inch swivel caster for easy and precise steering.

This trailer also features a wide wheel base of 30 inches, which gives it added stability. The frame is constructed from heavy-duty, rust-resistant steel with an added hammer-tone, powder-coated finish for extra protection. You can adjust the height of this trailer from 16.5 to 25.5 inches, making a versatile choice. It’s made to accommodate hitch couplers 1 ⅞ inch or larger.

A couple of things to note: with a maximum capacity of 800 pounds, this is definitely not the most heavy-duty trailer on the market. Also, there are concerns about the overall durability of the tires and having them go flat quicker than expected. The one-year limited warranty should cover this, though.

This affordable dolly has a lower capacity than some of its rivals, but it can move up to 600 pounds on its 12-inch pneumatic tires. It's designed for moving boat, utility, and jet ski trailers. The frame is made of heavy-duty steel that has been powder-coated for durability.

This dolly is very well made, strong, and easy to maneuver and store. It works best on a flat garage floor, but it works fine on a gently sloped asphalt driveway. It's easy to raise a trailer and pull it or push it if you are on level ground. The long handle and cushioned grip make it comfortable. Also, the dolly is easy to assemble and is maintenance-free.

One problem with this dolly is that there may be issues with quality control and defective parts. It also may struggle to work effectively at maximum capacity. In addition, it's a challenge to use on grass if you’re going backwards.

The Ultra-Tow Dual-Pull Trailer Dolly deserves an honorable mention for being a versatile, multi-position trailer dolly that can easily handle a variety of trailers and tasks. It features a dual-pull design that lets you easily switch between pulling or pushing the dolly to precisely and easily maneuver your load.

It’s equipped with a 1 ⅞ inch hitch ball and large, 12-inch rubber tires for confident traction on a variety of surfaces. The 43-inch handle is plenty long enough to provide good leverage. This trailer dolly has a maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds, making it well-suited to jet ski trailers, small utility trailers, and tear-drop or small camper trailers.

While it is fully constructed from steel, this trailer dolly is not suited to handle larger loads. It also doesn’t feature an adjustable height like some others on our list. The swing arm that comes down to stabilize the dolly could also be more ruggedly constructed and have a larger base to keep it from sinking into softer ground or gravel.

Larger trailers require more serious strength and durability to move them around. That’s where the SuperHandy Trailer Dolly Electric Power comes in, well, super handy. It’s powered by a 24-volt DC, 7Ah, 800-watt electric motor. This beast of a dolly can carry a maximum weight of up to 3,600 pounds, making it one of the most heavy-duty trailers on our list. It has a maximum tongue weight of 600 pounds.

The dolly itself is constructed from durable and strong steel and can accept hitch coupler sizes of 2 inches. It's suitable for jet ski trailers, utility trailers, livestock trailers, and even some RVs. This easy-to-operate trailer takes all the stress off your back and spine and is able to move at a maximum speed of 1.5 miles per hour.

It features large and grippy tires for confident maneuvering, but be sure to avoid using it on gravel, sand, or soft ground. It’s really only suited to concrete surfaces that are below a 4-degree incline, which does limit its overall applications. This dolly could also be greatly improved with the addition of a third wheel to help it balance better. It’s also quite pricey compared to our other recommendations.

The Trailer Valet TVXL25 XL Trailer Dolly gets a shout out for being a smartly designed ultra compact trailer dolly that has a huge capacity. This tiny dolly is constructed from heavy-duty steel with a hammer-tone, powder-coated finish to give it added durability. We love that this trailer dolly is one of the smallest on our list, making it easy to store when not in use.

But small doesn’t mean weak. This dolly has a maximum trailer capacity of 10,000 pounds, with a max tongue weight of 1,000 pounds, making it also one of the strongest trailer dollies on our list. It’s equipped with a 2 5/16-inch hitch ball and has a specially designed, patented ball mount for added safety.

This dolly is also equipped with two 9.25-inch never flat rubber tires and an auto-brake function to hold your trailer in place. One drawback to this compact design is that due to the placement of the two wheels, this is one of the least stable dollies on our list. It will also sink into softer soil or gravel with heavier loads, making it very difficult to move your trailer. It’s definitely best used on concrete surfaces only.

The Trailer-Tug Trailer Dolly is a premium dolly designed to move trailers easily and more efficiently without back-breaking results. The dolly is rated to handle up to 3,500 pounds of weight thanks to its steel powder-coated frame. Its unique design also makes it more effective at pulling and moving trailers around. As opposed to other models with two wheels, this dolly features three large ones for greater weight distribution. The hitch is set right in the middle of all three, increasing its stability, durability, and mobility. It even includes a brake so you can hold the trailer in place without having to rely on your strength.

There are two rather negative things about the trailer dolly though. The first is it is quite expensive when compared to other dollies on the market. The second has to do with the handle. It is rather low and would be more beneficial if it were raised or adjustable.

The Tow Tuff Adjustable Trailer Dolly isn’t what you’d call dull. It’s a sturdily built device that can move trailers weighing up to 600 pounds. Best of all, it is built out of heavy-duty steel that has been powder-coated and hammer-toned, enhancing its functionality and overall towing power. As with other trailer dollies, this one's best aspect is its tires. With two 10-inch tires, the dolly is extremely mobile. Doubled with its long handle, it is easy to get from point A to point B and much easier to move around than backing a trailer in with a vehicle. The dolly is also rather affordable and great for moving 20-foot trailers.

Assembling it can be a painful and time-consuming process. It also doesn’t perform that well on grass or slicker surfaces. There have also been complaints that the rims are weaker and may bend under pressure.


  • You need to know what the maximum weight that you plan to lift is. Add together the weight of your trailer and the weight of anything on/in the trailer.
  • Pad the maximum weight of your dolly. You do not want to get close to maxing out the weight capacity of the dolly. This will help your dolly perform better.
  • Look for a dolly that lets you adjust the height of the ball for the hitch. This will make it easier to use on different trailers, ground levels, and inclines.


Q: Should I buy a manual or motorized trailer dolly?

A manual trailer dolly is an affordable option that requires less maintenance. If your trailer is lower-weight and manageable with a manual dolly, then it’s a smarter way to go.

Q: Does a trailer dolly’s handle length matter?

The longer the handle is, the greater the leverage and the easier it’ll be for you to move your trailer. Make sure that the handle length is proportionate to the amount of weight you intend to move. Also, look for a handle that has a comfortable grip. It should be solid rubber and well-fitted to prevent slippage.

Q: Which tires are the best for a trailer dolly?

You have three options when it comes to tires: pneumatic, flat-free, and caster. Dollies with a third caster wheel make maneuvering in tight spaces significantly easier. Pneumatic tires are similar to bike tires with two layers. These tires are easily replaced as many local hardware stores carry them. Flat-free tires use a solid rubber or have expanding foam inside them. They can still go flat when overloaded. Make sure the manufacturer offers a good replacement warranty.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the best overall choice in terms of versatility, durability, and price, our top pick is the Tow Tuff Adjustable Trailer Dolly with Caster. This three-wheeled dolly is constructed from heavy-duty, powder-coated steel and features a wide and stable wheel base for easy maneuverability. It also features an adjustable height between 16.5 and 25.5 inches for added versatility.

For a budget-friendly, yet rugged and dependable option, consider the MaxxHaul Trailer Dolly. All-steel construction and large wheels make it a great option for smaller trailers.

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Best Trailer Dolly (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022 (2)

Best Trailer Dolly (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022 (2024)
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