Male Impotence: Causes, Treatment, ED Drugs


“Male impotence” – probably, the majority of men experience nervous trembling when they hear these words. It would seem, this problem does not concern women in such degree. It is purely man’s illness. But a man and a woman are two halves of a single whole and if one half suffers, another one is not going to be well too. Actually, a woman worries not less, than her partner.

Male impotence is a condition, when a man cannot reach erection or erection appears for too short term. Every second man is familiar with a similar situation by his experience. It can be the single disorder connected to weariness or raised nervousness of a man. Sometimes it is even impossible to find the objective or subjective reason of a failure. But if absence of erection repeats, we can talk about male impotence.

The majority of women think that the impotence is a dysfunction of genitals. This is a big mistake. Actually, male impotence can be caused by various illnesses. Raised level of glucose or cholesterol in blood or even malfunctions in work of cardiovascular system can influence erection. You can not suspect that the medicine prescribed to you, for example, for cold or an elevated pressure treatment, can affect quality of sex. Ignorance of the true reasons of dissonance in sexual relations provokes a parnter’s fault complex. The similar situation can negatively affect relationships between two loving people.

The attack of jealousy and attempt to convict the man in infidelity can be the first reaction to impotence occurrence. «Maybe he has another women and consequently he cannot any more or does not wish to do it with me?!». Familiar thoughts? Before to state such things aloud, try to calm down and put yourself in a place of your partner. For the man male impotence is a big blow not only on his health, but also on man’s vanity. Regret your friend, arrange his appointment with a doctor. Probably, the qualified help is already necessary for him.

One more tip: do not pretend at all that all is normal and you notice nothing. Any problem situation, and an male impotence is not an exception, is necessary to be discussed together. Concealing can keep away you from each other. Gradually you will notice that you do not discuss any more not only sexual questions, but also any general ones.

Too zealous attempts for sexual stimulation are not good too. If the problem has sat down deeply, especially, if it is not of sexual character, similar attempts all will not help.

So, how to behave yourself, if the impotence issue was suddenly found out? The first and the most important – do not try to search for the reason by yourself. It is the main error which you can make. Do not think out that now your man does not love you. Try to talk easy on a male impotence topic to your man. And do it not at once after unsuccessful sex attempt, but some time later. It is better for you to calm down a little. During conversation advise your friend to visit a doctor. Probably, impotence treatment will take absolutely short term. It depends on the male impotence cause.

Doctors advise to fulfill the time, which is required for restoration of erectile function, with the development of sexual imaginations. Sex toys, various games, Viagra and many other things are available now for this purpose.