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World of Nature locks of Pine Siskins Congregate in State By LEECA DUNAWAY of pine may be one of the many names used to de scribe this winter Numerous reports of pine siskin flocks feeding at bird feeders with goldfinch purple finch and evening grosbeak came from eastern and central Oklahoma Our trees and bird feeders were also hosts to these tiny pugnacious birds One morning in late March the pine siskins were at the feeders 50 or more eating and fighting as usual but by the middle of the after noon not a bird was in sight The half filled feeders were gently sway ing as though the birds left only a moment ago They would not return not even the next morning THESE CHARMING LITTLE birds were not frightened away or hiding from an enemy in the shrubs but were on their way north to their extensive breeding grounds north to central Alaska and east to the moun tains of Tennessee and North Carolina Tree and ground foraging finches the pine siskins will not miss their winter food of sunflower millet and imported thistle seeds at our feed ers but will eagerly substitute flower buds of elms tender leaves insects blossoms and seeds Gar dens and flower beds along their flight path will not be missed at meal times on their leisurely flight north The pine siskins which spent the winter with us will probably stay the summer in Nebraska or neighboring states but we like to think they will go all the way to Alaska In south eastern Alaska where pine siskins are most abundant they stay in co niferous forests or in willow or alder thickets along streams Pine siskins are the smallest of the finches regularly found in Alaska Their yellow patches and undulating flight distinguish them from the mealy redpolls the only Alaskan birds with which they might be confused THROUGHOUT NORTHERN OR high altitude evergreen forests sis kins make their summer homes It is here they sing their summer song a low husky wheezy canarylike warble and their flight call of ip or a long which is characteristic and little resembles that of any other bird All summer restless flocks of ap parently nonbreeding birds stay high in the larger trees winging their way from the top of one tree to another Mated pairs build their nests in coniferous trees well out toward the end of a branch at varying heights Their two to six eggs pale greenish blue spotted and dotted with browns and blacks lay in nests con structed of small twigs rootlets and lined with animal hair or a week or two after the flock of pine siskins left one or two siskins stragglers from the south appeared at the feeders lingered a day or so and then resumed their journey north Gregarious erratic species pine siskins may appear at almost any season within their range or be ab sent for long periods Next winter these dark heavily striped little birds may not eagerly visit our feeders each morning flashing their golden yellow spots to discourage intruders they may not even visit Oklahoma Sen Cranston Wishes Pepperdine Graduates Luck Paying Taxes MALIBU Calif (UPD Sen Alan Cranston Calif wished a class of college graduates good luck Satur day as they joined the ranks of American taxpayers Cranston noted in his speech that graduation ceremonies at Pepper dine University fell by coincidence on the traditional deadline for pay ing federal income taxes "You are about to join that vast unhappy army of American taxpay ers if you haven't already done so" Cranston said luck and Take Your Choice SOUTH HADLEY Mass (AP) Most students read Dante's in English or Italian but Mount Holyoke College can supply the classic in 29 translations VALUES Black White TV REASONS TO SHOP AT MOUNTS 4 XB3151CG 100 Solid State Weighs 21 Lbs Carrying Handle Built in Antenna AMERICAN MAUC DOUBLE DOOR RERIGERATOR Open Mon Thurs 9 9 Tues Wed rl Sat 9 6 COLOR PORTABLE 100 Solid State In Line Picture Tube Auto ine Tuning NO ROST 465 cu ft freezer Power saver switch 30 wide 66" high $36800 ice'maker $4 1 8 00 A GIT US Savings Bond direct from General Electric on retail purchases of selected models from now through May 31 1978 PORTA COLOR 24 Lbs Light Hybrid Chassis With Many Solid State Components In Line Picture Tubs Diagonal Picture Tube $218 sOQQ models rnnocixu ivy ui ivji ni Kvhf con? Selection Service customer Satisfaction Savinas iflrTA your savings mount up cwicE i everywhere yni uh i WAREHOUSE SHOWROOM 5909 15tn 836 8476 I IIS i 'j 4 II JM if Mil I i TULSA WORLD SUNDAY APRIL 16 1978 LALBU QURNESSj HAGENLOCHER is 09 HA 2 3 AIR COOLED I CYL PEAR ENGINE 15 MPH 2 SPEED TRANSMISSION (NO REVERSE GEAR) TOP 1 (ONTL WINNL (IN ADULT AD JUN! CaTECYERl HENRY HAGENLOCNEL and CHAS La JEAL BUILT THIS EARLY' QUADRICYCLE (Gt POWERED) IN ERIE EO HODGE JR ORLANDO LA MARY DAVIS SEATTLE WASH LUCILE EVANS SWEET SPRINGS VA PS MY SINCERE THANKS to EACH YOU WHO ENTERED OUR ENEKSY SAVER'S CONTEST' MANY EXCELLENT IDEAS WERE SENT IN: ADDITIONAL iiu a CH RaVAWiV fMTVVWl kN Al I WllVw SatlUiafiA tVWBMBrl 2 3 Mt KE BAK SIC MILWAUKEE WIS THOMAS CULLEN ALBANY DAVD WALTERS ZIONSVILLE IND "HONORABLE MENTION" AWARDS ARE BEING GIVEN NO ONE'S ENTRIES WILL BE ORGOTTEN DISCARDED as ALL WILL BE PRESERVED mua fbund in our files Tap 4 Hagenlocher of 1 896 Resembled Motorbike By TAD BURNESS car the 1896 Hagen locher may remind you of a four wheeled motorbike (note the handle bar rear saddle seat and tubular frame) though it has a buggy like seat ahead of the driver This was not conducive to good visibility but at only 17 mph top speed with little else around but a few pedestrians and horses the dangers were relatively few reported that the builders of the Hagenlocher met Henry ord and were inspired by his automotive 3 Weeks for Mail experiments Only one Hagenlocher vehicle exists today It has been restored but the original leather brake band (in the differential drum) has beenreplaced with conventional brake lining Two Women Train As Rail Engineers BOSTON (AP) Sandy Bailey 22 and Ida Degani 27 are the first two women student engineers in the 142 year history of the Boston Maine Railroad have been a few good jokes I REE LINING ()US( Zicc in effect thru April 22nd Sears Satisfivtuin (iunrantft il ur Your Huck store hours: 21st and Yale weekdays 9:30 9 71st and Memorial weekdays 10 9 Sundays both stores 12:30 5:30 of these advertised items is readily available for sale as here and there" said Miss Bailey been surprised at the good reception convinced women can be as good engineers as men and the guys agree with BOSTON (AP) The first Ameri can postal carriers riding their horses between New York and Bos ton in 1673 were three weeks on the road 21st and Yale 936 j432 71st and Memorial 252 5521 BIG NO JOB IS SMALL! 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This can be vours when you let Sears craftsmen help vou with your new draperies NO JOB IS TOO TOO Ask about Ser credit plans THIS AD IS OCR WORD i hm kM by A tvpTi iiifi 'licv which req'rire pven' ailvert iert tL ipp rlwl in enn uttivirnt hniie Ir rm nut nt nny rd'uT IlT4 pm nI trinK th win terrier lnr you the prim I hl nut apply Inpri ml l'ur rin MM anti Mr Vtnw Ltnttc'i gSears sIK I iLlil 8 i i il 1'1 i ffl i Sn I Ifr iw iM fsla SKa iiaM ij I Mg i a It 1 7a glfia 2 jffw 8Sss7' Ws i lf 3 SI fc Jh If 1 I S' 'fl ill: I I Wv4 Bsi i lj 7y i I IMrail Iw II i i it r' 'Hs SJi i' It ll' SECTION A 21 M1H wH Iw rariMi LIGHTERS 2 I 99 SALE! SALE! 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