The 10 best street food in Verona (2024)

Pizzeria da Vincenzo is a counter-serve pizza restaurant that serves up pizzas with a variety of meat and veggie toppings. The pizzas are extremely delicious, and the old man who operates the restaurant is very friendly and welcoming. This place is definitely worth visiting if you're in Verona, as it's one of the best pizza places I've ever had.

This is the best Pizza I had in our trip to Italy.. it was very very delicious and the old man gentleman who operate the restaurant was very friendly and kind and welcoming.. it is the true meaning of “made with love”.. I would come back to Verona just to pass by this restaurant again and eat their wonderful pizza.. it is crunchy and perfectly cooked .. even the vegetables were cut at the time I ordered it.. it got a little bit more time as he was working alone but truly worth to waitBravoooo!!!

Faris Alh — Google review

A very cozy small shop that produces the best pizza in town. The dough was so fresh and crispy. And the cheese was perfect. I wished I had a bigger stomach to try more types of their pizza.When I was eating, every other customer gave their best feedback to the chef. I’ve never seen something like this. I highly recommend the “pala” form pizza from them

Vincent W — Google review

We had s quick stop at Verona and needed to have good pizza. This place is worth visiting 100%. Very nice staff and truly delicious pizza in town! 🇮🇹❤️

Elene Tchezhia — Google review

Delicious pizza, we ordered 3 different pizzas and all of them were amazing and the service was great also, definitely come here if you want to taste an authentic Italian pizza.

Natalia Valentin — Google review

Very good pizza! And really affordable too - Just 8 euros for a plain Margherita and 10 for a flavoured pizza. The owner is also really nice - he makes everything himself :) Was so good that we went back there 2 times in a row.

Amanda Khoo — Google review

Delicious, quick and nice friendly service!Vincenzo caters for everyone’s choices (even vegans). Excellent choice for lunch. Freshly made, fair price (cash or card) and good flavour.A big thank you!

Anna Triolo — Google review

Little hidden gem I must say! Pizzas are amazing and the service is wonderful and friendly. The chef himself brings the pizzas out and you get that authentic Italian feeling!! 💕 the best pizza I have ever had!!

Audra A — Google review

We had a pizza so good that we ordered a second. The owner was very friendly and chatted with us for while we ate. I definitely recommend this place as a stop while walking around Verona.

Christopher Foley — Google review

This place is amazing! With genuine enthusiasm, the owner shared insights into the flour selection, showing his meticulous attention to detail throughout the pizza-making journey. It was a delightful experience, enriched by his dedication and expertise.

Maria Fernanda Senn — Google review

Very small pizza place at the outskirts of Veronas oldtown. You get to choose between 3 styles of pizza and tons of topping options!It is a little pricy, but it's definitely worth it. Also the owner, Vincenzo, is very unique

Phipsi K — Google review

This place is really nice, Pizza is bit different than what you usually get in Italy, but the portion was enough for me and I'd recommend this place as something different

Martyna Paprotna — Google review

The pizza there was so good that makes me want to come back to Verona just to eat it.I've been travelling for some time, eating in many restaurants, and never found a pizza as good as this one. Not even in the most fancy restaurants.They deserve to be in a bigger place.

Rigel Tortoioli — Google review

Amazing pizza, we went back after eating one to try another one. No stomach ache afterwards.The place itself is small, but absolutely worth it.The owner is nice as well

Karoly Cserfalvi — Google review

This is a fantastic piece of flat bread and very very tasty pizza served in a hole in the wall kind of place. The food is really great and not too much. The pizzas come in three different sizes.Highly recommended!

Per-Mattias Nordkvist — Google review

Very nice pizza place. We were looking for a quick place to eat that was still open, and found this restaurant. Great food and very nice staff. Has a parking spot right in front. Only downside, doesn’t have air conditioning, which is common in most of the Verona places.

Lara Becerra Reymundo — Google review

Vincenzo pizza, the best I've ever had... Flavor, texture, dough, ingredients ♥️🍕I came here with my girlfriend two times on our visit to Verona, you can't miss this experience.Also Vincenzo is such a nice and friendly person 🫶🏼Greetings from México! 🇲🇽

Brandom Vázquez — Google review

This is the best pizza I had in my life. And it is not expencive.We talk with the owner of the pizzeria and he show us how he make it. Everything they put on the pizza is organic and made by him( he even have a video of how he makes mozzarela and pizza dough which is integralle). After we ate pizza we didnt have heavy feeling on the stomack like you have with other pizzas. This is what food should be and it is amazing concept. And places like this is why we came to Italy. Once again this is absoluty the best pizza of my life. All the best from Croatia islands Iž and Vrgada 🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷

Stipe Torić — Google review

Mr. Vincenzo is just the sweetest person on Earth! The pizza is delicious, and he had the patience to explain to us how he came up with the idea.I don't know if it's because of hormones, but I literally cried after eating! hahahaaWe ordered a 4 formaggi and the GIGI! We loved the flavor, and the ingredients were fresh and super tasty.Wish you all the best, Vincenzo!

Leticia Nakatani Notari — Google review

Vincenzo grazie mille!Your pizza is fantastic. We really enjoyed it.Reccomend it to all tourists, come here and you will really enjoy. We had a really nice stay and conversation while waiting.

Adrian Botnari — Google review

It is a little pizza place. Very authentic.Its not like a restaurant mire to pick up pizza but you can also eat at this place.This pizza was a really good one.

Kay Strenziok — Google review

Pizza crafted by a man who is at the top of his craft. An artist, family man and great chef! If you are near Verona look no further, you will thank yourself for the opportunity....

CALI Chef — Google review

The 10 best street food in Verona (2024)
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