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Mrs. Thompson has my mind running a mile a minute right now, that might not have come out right! Anyway I would like to review the investigation Truman Simons and Dennis Baier conducted after the case was suspended which in effect removed Detective Salinas as the lead detective on the case. Detective Ramon Salinas has been very critical and one of the most outspoken against this investigation, we can see this may have more to do with conflicting personalities and office politics. Again I want to say I’m not trying to engage in cop bashing, I’m just trying to follow the facts where they take us.

At the end of August 1982, either the 30th or 31st, there was a meeting held by all the officers working on this case, during this meeting it was concluded that they weren’t getting any new leads, a report that summarized the status of the investigation to that point was created. Considering the contents of that report Chief Scott put the status of the investigation as suspended, the officers that were spending the majority of their time on that case were told to move on to other cases. Sgt. Simons whom wasn’t really working the case in a professional capacity at that point, he was a Sargent of patrol, had taken a interest in the case. He was one of the first officers to arrive at the scene when the bodies were discovered and it had an effect on him. Trying to keep up with the case he would go over the other detectives reports, something some of those same detectives didn’t like, it was like he was always hanging over their shoulders. Sgt. Simons had a reputation of being somewhat of a cowboy, liked to do things his own way, another thing some officers didn’t like. Simons went to Chief Scott, which was in essence going over the head of the lead investigator Detective Salinas and his supervisor Lt. Horton, and asked if he could work the case. Simons pointed out the fact that the detectives that had been working that case hadn’t followed up some leads, they didn’t need any new leads they just needed to do some follow up on leads that hadn’t been addressed. Chief Scott granted Simons his request but knowing how that was going to ruffle some feathers and the reputation Simons had the chief decided to pair him up with another officer to keep things in check, that officer would be Dennis Baier. They took the case over on Friday September 10, 1982.

These are a few of the things Simons and Baier found when they reviewed the case at that point or when the case was suspended roughly on September 3. It was this time period July 14,1982 until September 3, 1982 that Det. Salinas was the lead investigator. First as early as July 15, officers talked to close friends of Kenneth Franks, that would have been Pat Torres, Bobby Brem and Donnie Culp but there was nothing in the reports that any of these boys were asked the obvious question, did they know anyone that Kenneth may had been having a problem with. Then they noticed the name Muneer Deeb came up many times as a possible suspect by multiple sources but from July 14 through September 3, not one officer had interviewed or questioned Deeb. And even though Deeb’s name came up in to relationship with a Gayle Kelly and officers had talked to her on 3 occasions they never asked her about Deeb. Though it looked like Det. Salinas had a good lead in the suspect Terry “Tab’ Harper, Salinas had brought him in about a week after the murders and released him because suspect had alibi that was confirmed, he(Salinas) was still spending a considerable amount of time tracking down stories about Harper in August. If Salinas confirmed Harper’s alibi in July wouldn’t it have made more sense to follow up some of the other leads after that? You can see why Salinas wouldn’t me happy about how things were going.

Simons and Baiers plan, well by luck both officers knew a couple people they wanted to talk to, Baiers knew Bobby Brem and Simons knew Muneer Deeb. They decided to talk to Brem first, the first question they asked him is was he aware if any enemies Kenneth Franks might have had, his answer? Muneer Deeb. Later that night they decide to go to the Skaggs Supermarket, Simons knew Deeb would do his shopping late at night there sometimes. He had seen Deeb there shopping with another girl. Simons and Baier got to the store about 1am, which would have been Saturday September 11,1982. While they were waiting the two officers talked to two employees of Skaggs, Willie Tompkins the security guard and cashier Patty Picks and they had a very interesting story to tell about Muneer Deeb.

Patty told them the reason Deeb came in was because he was obsessed with a girl by the name of Kebana Reed. Kebana’s sister Chrisna also worked at Skaggs. One time Deeb asked Patty if she would steal Chrisna’s key to her apartment so he could make a copy. Both Willie and Patty told Simons and Baier that Deeb had made statements about Kenneth Franks, how he(Deeb) hated Franks and was glad he was dead. Simons realized the girl he had seen Deeb shopping with must have been Kebana Reed but he asks were there any other girls that Deeb would bring in and he was told about a girl named Dana Diamond. After Simons and Baier obtained this information they decided maybe they needed to look into Deeb before they talked to him.

Saturday morning September 11, Simons and Baier return to Skaggs to talk to Chrisna after talking to her the officers decide to interview both sisters. The sisters explain how Deeb was stalking (that’s my description) Kebana, he would sit out in the parking lot of their apartment all hours of the night, would show up to her work. Deeb had asked Kebana to marry him, he had bought her an engagement ring, He helped her with her bills and bought her stuff. He had also made comments about Kenneth and the murders. Hearing this Simons and Baier remembered another girl Deeb seemed to have some strange connection with, Gayle Kelly.

Sunday September 12, 1982, finally some one asks Gayle Kelly about Muneer Deeb, almost two full months after the murders, even though the police had information only days after the murder that Gayle may have been the reason Deeb killed Franks. Gayle runs down the problems between Kenneth and Deeb. Deeb has also asked her to marry him for one month for $500. She tells them about the break-in and how she had been followed and harassed. But things had changed since that time back in July, actually she and Deeb had made up and were friends again. he would spend nights at the apartment with Gayle and Patty and since he had started staying the break-ins and harassment had stopped. Gayle and Patty were planning to go out with Deeb that night. The officers asked Gayle not to say anything to Deeb about them asking her questions about him. Apparently that request fell on deaf ears because about 1am, Monday 13, 1982 they get a call from a hysterical Gayle, she tells them that Muneer Deeb admitted to her that he killed Kenneth and the girls.

Concluding Gayle Kelly must have said something to Muneer Deeb, the officers are afraid he might take off. Later that same Monday September 13, 1982 Simons and Baier present what they have uncovered during their 3/4 day investigation to Chief Scott, the captain, the police departments legal adviser and an assistant D.A, to see if they have enough to get a warrant on Muneer Deeb. They are advised by the legal counsel that they have enough probable cause to obtain a warrant. From there they go in front of a justice of the peace and get their warrant. Approximately at 11:30pm Monday September 13,1982 they arrest Muneer Deeb.

The following day Tuesday 14, 1982 Simons and Baier finally make contact with Dana Diamond. She relates the familiar story, Deeb had helped her out, gave her money, asked her to marry him for $500. They ask her if Deeb ever said anything about Kenneth Franks or the murders at the lake. She informs them; yes he had he had told her the two girls that were killed were in his store the day they were killed and that he also said that he just missed out on making $20,000 because he had an insurance policy on a girl that was suppose to be with them. Dana didn’t know whom the girl was nor the insurance company that Deeb had the policy with. Simons and Baier would find that information later that day, Deeb had purchased accidental death policies on two girls, Gayle Kelly and Christine Juhl. Deeb was the beneficiary on the policy for Gayle Kelly and David Spence was the beneficiary on the policy for Christine Juhl. The officers decided they needed to track down Christine Juhl, they found she had moved away from Waco by that time, she was in Forth Worth. They make contact with her and she agrees to return to Waco to talk to them.

Muneer Deeb would take a 3 hour lie detector test Saturday 18, 1982. When it was reported that Deeb didn’t show any deception in regards to questions about the murder, he was released. Whatever fractions and friction that existed in that police department by that time came to a head Truman Simons would leave the police department and go work for the county as a jailer.

I won’t get into Simons’ actions or conduct at the jail, I am more concerned with his investigation and the state of affairs when he was an officer for the Waco P.D.. Those whom believe in the innocence of the 4 that were convicted like to vilify him, he even gets torched by former fellow officers. Is he getting a fair shake, especially from people like Detective Ramon Salinas? For me if it was my daughter that had been raped and killed I would prefer the cop that went out and tracked down ever lead not the one that concentrated on one suspect and got tunnel vision, even when there were obvious signs and evidence that his theory was implausible and there was another possibility stronger possibility that he barely looked into and when he did it was half hearted at best. Again just my person feelings and opinion.


Questions??? I Have Plenty!!! (2024)
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